Friday, August 20, 2010

We have an Agreement

There are at least three spiders that are allowed to keep living in and around our house. They are quiet and earn their keep by eating the obnoxious flies that have suddenly invaded us without warning.  According to my research, they are likely the result of a dead animal that has become a nursery to flies somewhere in the attic or ductwork.  How lovely.  Every day for the last three days, I have arrived to find a huddle of flies on the windowsill in the kitchen. They are slow-witted and easy to kill with a fly swatter, but one of my little arachnid friends is in charge of body disposal.

Outside, our orb spider keeps molting and getting more shockingly yellow.  And in the compost bin, the biggest wolf spider I have ever seen growing bigger by the minute.  So long as it stays in the compost bin and doesn't try to wander into the house.  Because spiders that run across the floors are not part of the agreement. 


Steve Finnell said...

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Sara said...

that is a scary looking spider

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