Friday, July 16, 2010

A To NOT Do List

Today, I have a list of things NOT to do.  Whatever else happens after that is fine.

1. do not leave the house.  (i have been out nearly every day this

2. do not make cupcakes with a big pile of icing on top.  I saw a picture on a blog post this morning and that's all I can think about eating.

3. do not go upstairs and look at the kids rooms and miss them so much that I clean their rooms for them.

4. do not try to do it all.  Just gonna pick one thing and see what happens from there....

So there...if I manage to NOT do any of these things...I will be very much ahead of the game.

What I see when I wake up...


Jasmine said...

looks like you stood on your bed to take the picture

Into Vintage said...

This is a long list so I bet if you don't not do (sorry) #2, no one will not mind. Something like that.

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