Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

So far today,
I have eaten one waffle
handfuls of strawberries
3 pieces of ham
2 deviled eggs
a handful of almonds
4 cups of coffee

and I'm still hungry.

Wassup wi' dat?


betty crocker said...

Well, for one, I think you have better groceries in your house than I do. Secondly, that's healthier than the choc chip cookies I ate...hmmm, 20 pounds I can't seem to Lise-wonder why?

ness said...

mmmmmm coooooookies....

wonder if we have any of those.....

Keri Pierce said...


I had a waffle and strawberries this morning...with cool whip. My kids said why can't we have coolwhip? I said you hafta eat strawberries to get the cool whip. They walked away.

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