Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hoping For Summer

Today will be a dress rehearsal for summer.   The kids have one last day of school on Monday before we delve into a whole new schedule.   For the kids, it means relaxing and having no have-to's. For mom, it means three extra people in the 6 hours I have had all to myself for the last 9 months.  Guess who is most likely to be cranky?

So before I even get out of bed today, I am going to try to steer myself and perhaps the children toward a vision for our time together....

I still have plenty of work to do.  Teaching the kids what I do can be fun when I am willing to slow down and apprentice them.  My skills are practical for them to know and they are old enough to be a part.

I need fun and exercise as much as they do.   That's what the pool and the yard and the bikes and the garden is for.

The pool is like a giant kid magnet.  There are a lot of neighbors to get to know.  The many Marshallese names are hard for my mid-western tongue to re-tell, but they are all people I need to know.   And the open and closed sign for the gate needs to be made soon so that hurt feelings and frustrations don't even get a chance to start.

I'd like to bring back naptime.  That could be a great thing.

There's no doubt I've gotten selfish over the past few months.  I don't want to be a selfish mom.  That's not pretty.

This is a very stilted post.  I have been very busy and external in the last month, especially with Robb gone.  I have been just "getting through" not really living intentionally or being present.  I don't want to just "get through" the summer with the kids.  I want to live with them and be present.  I need to slow down and get back in touch with what really matters.  I'm glad they they are going to be here. 

Here's to summer.


betty crocker said...

Oh are these ever my thoughts as well! The age-gap between the girls is making fun for Dora hard though and that leaves me feeling guilty at the end of the day. But I want her to have a great summer--making the trip to PA really important to me.
It's so easy to fill a day up when we are list-makers with goals. I'm trying to make "fun time" part of my list.

Holly said...

I truly appreciated this post for many reasons. I love being reminded to live intentionally. I had a baby less than 2 weeks ago and am very much in survival mode. But am trying to be intentional with my time with my oldest because it's so important for both of us. I LOVE the idea of your open/closed pool sign esp. since your reasoning is to make sure others feel included in the "party".

Anyway, what a great, intentional-minded post today.

ness said...

Hi Holly! Have we met? We seem to be kindred spirits!

only, I'm not as organized as I would like to be. : )

Good luck in survival... It's an okay place to be for awhile!

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