Tuesday, April 06, 2010

That's Gonna Smart Tomorrow

It feels like there is a tiny crazy person inside me lately. That crazy person is insane with the hell-bent need to make this house feel like home.  Paint was the obvious first step. Getting Robb's books out of the boxes for the first time in five years was a major hurdle. And then there is the yard....which is attrocious.

I love the word attrocious. Even though I learned it's meaning by hearing my mother attach it to my room when I was a kid. 

Anywhoo.  I came home today to find my two reprobate dogs running around the neighborhood, covered in mud, and one of them happily snacking out of the neighbor's garbage.  I don't even want to know what it was that she was eating but I sort of hoped it would kill her in that moment. The Female Dogs have dug a nice hole under the gate and have been escaping by dragging themselves under, thus covering themselves in the slimiest of mud in the process.  We already spent about 2 hours on Sunday night scrubbing them free of this silty mud, only to have them repeat their escapade, this time, digging out two bags of limestone rock that we filled the hole with. 

So this was time to get serious.  I filled the hole with concrete.  I also mowed the lawn. Front and back. And weed-whacked.  And removed a tree from the backyard that had died.  It unfortunatly broke down at a bad angle, leaving a stump that was nothing short of deadly. So I hacked it to pieces with a hammer and a crow bar.  And then I moved a bush. And took down the pointless chain-link fence that was in one corner of the yard.

I think I was trying to do penance for those cupcakes I made for Chuck's birthday which are so good I want to cry a little bit when I bite into one.  Or three.

I am starting to feel it. Something whispered to me that I had better blog about it tonight because I won't be able to type tomorrow.  My arms almost feel like jelly.

Mmmmmm ....jelly and cupcakes.


Keri said...

Concrete?? That is serious! Nice work... it's a good feeling, that jelly arm, isn't it?

12-arrows said...

oh I just love that kind of physical work! nothing better than going to be utterly exhausted from a hard day of physical labor and enjoying the fruits of your labor too! You have an awesome back yard! I'm so jealous I've always wanted a fenced in yard for my kiddos to run free from fear of the "creeper"!

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