Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Beautiful Place

I was telling a friend about the town we visited on Saturday for their annual garage sales.  Neosho, Missouri is a great old town with historic buildings and not too much by way of annoying modernity.  The weather for this even can be pretty shaky, but this year, everywhere you looked, something was blooming, and because the weather has been so amazing, everything is blooming at once this year, from forsythia to daffodils to tulips to redbuds, from cherry blossoms to dogwood, wisteria and lilac.  If I wasn't having a wonderful day just being with my husband, just finding wonderful treasures, the beauty would have been a treat all by itself.

Back at home that night, we had our first bonfire of the year with friends Derek and Sadie spending the night.  It was hard to say what was better....the "smarshmellows"  or Little D's rendition of Viva Las Vegas. 

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wendy said...

thank you. i'm not sure you know how much it means to me (and john) to know that there are people like you.


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