Friday, February 19, 2010

Short Timer

In just a few days, Robb is taking me a long on a business trip to San Francisco.

I confess, I'm having a hard time caring about doing my work, cleaning the house, making meals or doing laundry. 

Here's what I should be doing:
  • answering emails
  • listing new items in the store
  • getting those new items out of the living room
  • making new mosaics
  • cleaning my dirty house
  • making my kids clean their dirty stuff

Here's what I want to do...
  • Call Elly and Ginger to come over and pick out some cool outfits for me to wear.
  • Paint the trim in the whole house
  • Cut a side door in the garage so the dogs will stop coming into the living room from the back door with their muddy feet
  • Find some vintage blue curtains for the living room
  • Stand on a beach and breathe
  • Go on an adventure
  • Be completely anonymous

I guess I will get out of bed and see what happens.


Keri said...

ohh, Ness! I hope you have a GREAT time... I was there briefly 2 years ago- can't wait to go back!! Enjoy, and I am with you on the beach and breathing thing. Been having that daydream lately!

Clark Kent's Lunchbox said...

San Fran is gorgeous, Ness. You will love it. Have fun!

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