Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been struggling to post here much because the direction of things has changed so much since I first started this blog.  Back then, it was about me talking through my fears and feelings while starting Vintage Fellowship from scratch.  Four and half years later, many of those issues have been resolved and I am involved in other story lines...I'm still as angsty as ever and have lots of my thoughts to write out, but I'm more self conscious about who is reading these days.  And I've also thrown myself into my own business that deserves the best marketing and story telling I can come up with.   So I am thinking seriously of separating the blog into two different blogs...one more business related and the other for those of you who really want to read about the things I think about the most. 

Robb and I have been talking over the strategy involved with really making a go with my business, instead of just dabbling and I can't even tell you how much I have to do to make that happen...I makes me a little dizzy.  I'm not a good starter of new things...I'm not good at projecting into a blank space. I'm much better at letting something just happen and then trying to organize it later.  So I'm at the point where I need to get it organized, which means dismantling a whole Etsy store...my little known sad little stepchild of a shop: The Rick Rack Shack .  Great name, huh?  It's full of vintage sewing patterns, many of them uncut, from the estate of a couple of craft hoarders. I'm talking full-on hoarders, not just the cute thing that sewers do when they save little scraps.  It was a mother-daughter duo who lived together and left what took 5 sales to dissemble.  Only problem is, I'm kind of bored with it and therefore don't have the passion and interest to really make that shop successful.  I love my main shop and care about it the most, even with it's lousy name.  So I'm seriously fixin' to sell the whole bunch of patterns in one fell swoop and be done with it. And that's just the beginning of what I need to do work-wise.

On the main front of my thinking, though, is not making it big in the business of vintage and mosaics.  It's how to live and be in this world in a way that reflects who God is to me and how He is changing me for the good of the whole world, not just for my own benefit. 

I've already flunked at having two etsy shops, so I'm nervous at the thought of having two blogs.  And maybe it's better to just be one person with lots of interests....I'm not sure yet.

I think I just wrote a blog post about not writing blog posts.

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