Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cute Wittle Trees

I was dropping off the remnants of the garage sale we held on Saturday and figured I might as well do a walk through the thrift store just in case. (I mean, where else are you gonna spend 10 dollars in quarters?) I found these candle holders and just liked them very, very much.

At home, I learned they are made by a fine company and could probably be re-sold. But I like them and I think they will be adorable in the new house. You know, if we ever get to move into it. (Closing was delayed until Friday because of a mistake the bank made.)


Sara said...

It's so nice to keep something for your own house :)

betty crocker said...

I would agree with Sara if she meant that I should keep them, not you :) they are super cute and if I come to visit, check my luggage ;)

Word ver: brized.....I think this somehow sums up how I have been feeling

Anonymous said...

Those are very cool.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love them. Love them. Love them. It is no wonder they are made by a fine company : ) So excited about your new house!

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