Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Business Topics

Just thought I'd give a little update on how things are going here. We got back from Grand Rapids on Sunday and on Monday the bank informed us that they needed some other paperwork in order to close. The closing has now been moved to next Monday, the 28th.
We feel pretty confident now that it will actually happen.

Mattie turns 10 tomorrow. I'm not ready. No really, I'm not ready at all.

This week is very weird. I still have Etsy orders to fill and I'm now maybe at 35 percent packed because I've been holding off until I knew for sure that closing was actually happening.

I spent about 35 minutes yesterday trying to find a bracket for the microwave that goes over the stove. That's 35 minutes I'll never get back. But the Home Depot customer service was amazing. I don't know if I'll ever shop Lowes again.

Last night, Robb came home and was just sitting quietly on the couch. He said, "I'm so tired." It occurred to me just then, "I don't think we're tired. I think we are sad."

My parents are in Las Vegas. If you know my parents at all, you know that this is the most hilarious thing I have ever written on this blog.


betty crocker said...

Um, speaking of not being ready for Mattie's birthday, I somehow messed up the date and don't have a card in the mail yet for her....could you let her know that we do, in fact, love her and her $5 are on the way?
I'll be so happy for you when you have the truck unloaded at the new place. Having moved twice this summer, I don't wish the work on anyone!

Sara said... funny that your parents our in Vegas, who would have thought?

awe...Mattie's 10 already...that is crazy!

Lastly, but not least...we are still praying for everyone. I know what kind of time it takes to heal the sorrow that you are all feeling. And I also know that our God will continue to give you his comfort and grace.

Sara said...

oh and I love you :)

klasieprof said...

Vegas....the new Disney.

word veri: ness ig

Keri said...

I did get a chuckle out of picturing your parents in Vegas. Naturally I then pictured my parents in Vegas, and more chuckling...
Happy Birthday Mattie! I remember distinctly the one time I had the chance to meet her- we were at BBC homecoming, she was little, Calvin was a baby and so was my Ethan. Robb and I were watching the soccer game and talking. Mattie started to choke on a lifesaver. Robb whacked her hard on the back and caught the lifesaver in mid air! He then popped it in his mouth and we continued talking. I love a parent who doesn't panic in those situations :-)
We are praying for you, I remember coming home from my nephew's funeral and feeling so tired-- the weight of sadness is a heavy burden.
Happy new house!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no. About the sadness. I have been praying for you. Well not today yet, but all last week. Every day while I was bustling Kaish off to school I was remembering you and your moving process and praying. Totally praying. I know it is so much work.

I don't know your parents, but if they are like mine, CONSERVATIVE out the wazoo, well then, that is HILARIOUS that they are in Vegas : )

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