Thursday, May 14, 2009

What She Said


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Anonymous said...

Oh. I guess I already commented on this picture of me.
Board meeting knowing so many will be fired.
Yes. Again today. Shit. That means I have to breathe.
Fight with consumers over the toxic dump damage when transformer exploded and broke windshield, Fried computer and left PCB's all over yard.

Fed mom. Fed her again. And again.
Weighed mom.
Fed Kids, and again.
Made Tea, fed mom, got her books.
Laughed hysterically with Beth a friend.
Grocery shopped.
I feel like grocery shopping ...I just wanted to burst out crying....what the f. Mom was in car, There was justt too much shit to buy. then..200 and got nothing.??I'm ranting....I guess I"ve highjacked this post. Sorry. Not really cause I can't face logging in to my blog.
Hub is out of town living and misrable. My heart is heavy. My Gf's hub is cheating and not repenting. AND sending the other woman a LOT of money.
I didn't find any Morrell mushrooms. I'm a lousy teacher..I'm GLAD the seniors are leaving soon...GET OUT kitchen is a mess, I dont love my kids very much, and I'm crying.
I did one nice thing today..I took son to get his hairs cut and he doesn't despise it.
OH whats that? a ROCK? Ok..I guess I'll go climb under it...Could you please smash me in the head with it? That way I may know I'm alive.

no Really, I'm not as bad as I sound...I'm much worse. Just don't ask if you don't want to know. 17 year old town kid either shot himself or got himself killed by 2 idiots in Breckenrige. They go to Ithaca to shoot him. Two Corrections officers' son. NOT REAL BRIGHT...guess YOU"ll Be going to prison in Wyoming.....
Knew I was in a spot when My assignment for ASL today was "what would your epitaph be"..and "what would mine be"...
oh my..I'll stop now.
I can't sign in...I wonder who wrote this post/??? donna

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