Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out of Breath

landed around noon on Friday

Posted the giveaway...winner to be announced as soon as kid gets up from nap. Nap enforced due to kid being overtired this morning and unable to "use her words." Opted instead to spit on her sister's breakfast instead of asking her to move out of her chair.

laundry while hubby mowed with a borrowed mower and began setting up the pool (which over-tired kid played in while it was filling, turning blue, but insisting she was hot)

washer is running this minute with the next to the last load.

watched a movie with the kids: Jurassic Park is pretty hilarious now. But I didn't remember the cussing.

rolled out of bed on Saturday morning thinking about floor up and chased that until the men's bathroom was done and it was time to come home and shower for the company picnic.

Kids got wet, and Flying Burrito catered. The pool got full.

Robb dropped me off at church to keep plugging at the final parts of the building stuff. Air conditioner broke.

Six minutes later (or maybe 2 hours) he called to tell me it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Seriously kicking myself for not taking my camera to what must have been the most photogenic wedding I've ever attended. Seriously, there weren't any ugly people there. I kid you not. It was just gorgeous. Robb sweated his way through another lovely wedding service and the groom did not faint. Fortunately, Candice has her iPhone and I just stole her pics from Facebook. Because I know she's stealing my pictures and that makes it all good. : ) And those people you don't recognize? They are people who read my blog and don't comment. It's my way of punishing them.

Went home and crashed only to be rudely awakened by this weird beep beeping noise...we tried to fight it off, but it was insistent. Which really stunk, because getting up meant that we would need to go up to church and set up chairs (in no A/C) which wasn't so bad, but AFTER church we had to take Robb to the airport again. Which sucked. Just two more trips counting this one. But sucks now. I miss him so much already I don't think I can stand it. He'll be back before I can finish the laundry from the last trip, but it still sucks. I'm sorry Mom, for saying "sucks" but there is no other word for it. I hate being apart from that man.

And now the coupons from the Sunday paper are here and there are 312 posts to read in my blog-reader and I'm so behind on my etsy store it's not funny and the last day of school is tomorrow and I haven't answered several key emails and my mind is swimming, but eventually....I'll get caught up. Right? Or maybe I'll chuck it all and get into the pool with the kids...

I can still smell Florida.



Yes. That setting up chairs stuff was my job that I didn't do. Sorry about that! Next time really do call me!

TrevnElly said...

It's not a punishment when you post pictures and then say there wasn't an ugly person at our wedding. That is a very nice thing to say Vanessa.

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