Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm pretty sure I won't make it....

The kids giggled when I said this, because they said I always say that, and I always do make it. But I'm pretty sure I won't this time. I feel like my hair is on fire.

Evidence? I'm about to post my worry-list as a blog post so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I'm supposed to have my garage sale today, but it's raining. And I never got any of it priced. Tomorrow claims to be a better weather day.

I'm so tired I left my crock pot on all night. With the chili I made yesterday morning in it.

The wind howled all day yesterday at the gallery, and all night last night, leading me to dream about the roof blowing off the gallery all night.

One of the pieces the Editor asked for was sold through the gallery this weekend. The other piece is in the Garden Center and when I drove up there after working at the gallery until 6, they were closed. So I'll need to go there today, get the tray she asked for (which I hate, by the way), and then take them down to her office in Fayetteville.

I have no eggs or easter candy for the kids whatsoever. So I'll need to go the store. And we are out of puppy food. Because she eats like a pig. Seriously, I think that dog's breed is part Pot Belly Pig. I realize of course that the meaning of Easter is not easter candy, but I'm not about to face three kids on Sunday morning with no chocolate.

And besides that I love Peeps. I love them. And this is the only time of year it is the least bit sane to eat them.

And Sunday dinner. I got nothing. I don't know why, but I usually make a ham and pineapple upside down cake. For the resurrection of our Lord. Ham. This is what makes me hate Christianity sometimes.

I'm unsettled with my spiritual state right now. After 40 days of real self-denial, I feel like the last few days and the coming ones are so busy, they lack reflection. That I'm somehow letting a golden opportunity to learn something just fizzle.

Robb is sleeping beside me. I'm so glad. He is soooooooo tired. We were both pretty thrilled that his work called this day off. I'm hoping that this will translate into a moment or two for him to mentally prepare for the Good Friday service tonight, and for Sunday. And frankly, just for a moment or two to be together. I'm trying not to panic about him being away again next week. We didn't really realize that he'd be traveling so much when he took this job, but hopefully, when the busy season is over, he won't need to as much. He is racking up those frequent flier miles and his dream is to earn us a trip to Hawaii. That would be amazing. The dream of that makes me able to stop eating Charleigh's birthday cake. That and the fact that the birthday cake is gone.

So let's see, if I get up, get some online work done, go the store and the garden center, come home, price the garage sale stuff (did I mention, I'm not even ready for that?) get ready for church, put the kids to bed, spend some quality time with Robb, sleep really fast, get up and put on the garage sale, clean that up, make dinner, color easter eggs, bathe the kids, put them to bed, hide easter basket, get clothes ready for the morning, go to bed, get up....


I might make it, but I won't be happy about it.


betty crocker said...

Sis, honest to God, you gotta breath. You're kids are right, you do get it done and besides that (as I am learning) the sun will rise tomorrow even if you don't. I love you and I totally understand your need to list (as I sit here with legal pad beside me) but cut yourself some slack with ham is just a dietarily acceptable you know. Now, me and morning sickness are gonna go bake a flourless chocolate cake lol

CK Lunchbox said...

Livin' in the fast lane, huh? Deep breaths and don't stop for coffee.

The Easter Ham thing kills me. Two things the Jews are totally against both on the same day... it's like you're rubbing it in or something.

(wait, you don't have any Jewish readers do you. Every time I get on here I manage to unintentionally offend someone - oy vay!)

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