Saturday, March 28, 2009

I mowed. It snowed.

I spent a good chunk of Thursday outside, in a short-sleeve shirt, gardening and pulling a hammy while starting the mower for the first time this year. While the front yard has that weird brown grass (is it Bermuda grass?) the back yard is almost entirely lush, green and weedy. It proved to be quite an adventure as I was turning the compost bin, I found all kinds of interesting things: first, the biggest black widow I've found to date here...easily bigger than a fifty cent piece. Fortunately, I was wearing gloves. Next, I found the clippings from the forsythia that the team from Vintage had cut back in the fall. The cuttings were blooming!

But this morning, the effects of a Rocky Mountain blizzard are catching up to us. I covered my blueberry bush and I'm hoping my newly sprouted tomatoes and squash are warm enough inside the cold frame I built. I suppose it is only March after all. I hate March.

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