Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Ole What's-Her-Name

Dr. Carter used to jokingly refer to Mrs. Carter as "Good Ol' What's Her Name." They sometimes joked this way, but I also recall the day that Dr. Carter told a class of sophomores that if anyone ever disrespected his wife, He would use Judo on them. He was deathly serious and I knew for a fact that he really would.

Anyway... I digress down a little memory path. But the point of my entry today is that this lady needs a name...after all, she's not just a body! She needs the dignity of a moniker. You see, my old model was named Alice. Donna found her at some remote estate sale in Michigan and brought her home to me. Unfortunately, her nuts and bolts worked themselves loose from all the work I expected of her, and for the past few months, she has modeled with a droopy hip and hunched shoulders. She found secondary employment holding the sign in my Heartwood booth...it's much more stationary work and better suited to her joint issues.

Robb suggested Flo, but it doesn't fit. So I need to give this mannequin a name. C'mon. Amuse me. I have kids home for spring break doing things like ...making mud pies and then climbing into my white cloaked bed. I need the distraction desperately.


wendy said...

i'm partial to gladys, but that's just me. :)

oh, and i'm pretty sure that your kids are amazing.

Mother B said...

Ness.....wait til Ashley sees this...she did the whole name suggestion thing with me. She had some pretty good ones too.....I named mine Emmaline....it means industrious...that would have been a perfect second choice to name you now that I think about it, my industrious one!

Jasmine said...


betty crocker said...

Rosie (the Riveted ) :)

Robb said...

Based on this post, didn't you just name her Claire?

akr said...

Greta...Gerty...Agnes (or Aggie), or Betty.

CK Lunchbox said...

Crack Momma
Dr. Dress Dummy
Mrs. Stickit
Mrs. Pinjunkie (it's Pakistani)
Madeleine Albright
Lizzie Borden
Chloey Dog
Wonder Woman

Just a few off the top of my head...

tammi said...

My first thought was "uni-boob" because really?? She's looking a little smooshed up in there. Girlfriend needs some DEFINITION. Hasn't anyone told her that two boobs are better than one??

I'm participating in a local charity auction. I was told the other day that I needed to contact the auction organizer about the details. I grabbed a pencil and some paper to jot down her name as the secretary read it to me.
"okay honey, you need to call Puddin' Bass at xxx-xxxx"
"Excuse me, WHAT was her first name again?"
"Can you spell that?"

Only in sw georgia would I have to call a grown woman that I don't know and address her by the name "Puddin'" My face burned in shame as I made the call.

therefore, I think you should name her....Puddin'. (last name optional)

Jasmine said...


My little cousin's name is Shaniqua!

bosqeaux said...

here's the list i gave momma:


but i do like lola and rhianna : )

CK Lunchbox said...

Jasmine, and I'm sure she's no dummy by any means.

akr said...

I can't wait to see what the name is....oh...and i've got a good name story...working at a camp and typing in a mother's name
...Uda and the last name... Mann...yep...Uda Mann is her name...just like it sounds.

stephanie garcia said...

She looks like a Fresia to me. :)

klasieprof said...

CAN'T be FLO...as every woman knows..that is the "cousin" that comes to visit every month...ICK.

I like: CrackHo,
I'm calling you soon. I will live to breathe another day.

could always use my word veri for a name: Farser

Life with Kaishon said...

Hippie? She does seem like she kind of has a nice hip issue : ). Or not.

Mud pies on white cloaked beds. Now that is a good word picture if ever there was one. I am sure it will be a delight to wash. At least it is not King Sized...

Life with Kaishon said...

I am changing my name from Hippie to Shaniqua. I think everyone needs a little more black in their life : ). Oh, yes, they do!

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