Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my fourth time of practicing Lent and it was really clear to me early on what I would give up. I'm giving up my evening ritual of having a glass of red wine during the week. There are different traditions about practicing Lent, some fasting for an unbroken amount of time, and some, taking a break from the fast on celebration days. I've decided to go with the latter.

When I told my friend Hannah about my choice, she wrinkled her nose and asked, "WHY?" The short answer is, "Because it would be hard."

The kids heard Robb and I talking about it and they decided they wanted to participate too. I told them that because they are kids, they don't have to, but they were adamant that they wanted to take part in this. So after some debate, Vin decided to give up Legos. He could not be convinced otherwise. Mattie opted to give up arguing with her brother. I'll be curious to watch how this plays out for these two. Charleigh gave up Sesame Street. But when questioned, she volunteered that it's because she's too grown up for Sesame Street.

Robb has created a beautiful blog to exchange our thoughts about Lent. Please feel free to join that discussion if you are interested.

My ability to blog continues to elude me. I wish I could express more and express it better, but my life has changed a lot in the last few years, and I feel an increased loss of freedom to express things here....or maybe a feeling of being who really cares about what I think? And I have a lot more actual people in my life. It's no wonder that my feeling for blogging has changed. It's as if I've told all my secrets...

I wonder if the Pioneer Woman ever feels that way? But then again, she can always show some calf nuts or give something away.


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