Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We Are Family

I was going to write some other dippy post about the dumb things that make me happy, but I just checked my brother's blog and found this post. Maybe I'm just exhausted from day three as a single parent-just back from vacation-post flood trauma-new business venture-and what am I gonna do for Robb's birthday tomorrow? But the point is, I burst into tears and haven't quite been able to pull it together yet. I think.... I think I miss them. All of them. This was the most insane trip we've ever gone on and we saw almost our whole family. We hung with Robb's sister's fam who we adore and miss terribly. We finally saw my sister in her own digs in Pittsburgh. And we of course did the whole fam thing with my parents and sibs. Of course we annoyed the heck out of one another. There was a spat or two that errupted from too little sleep and too little space (and maybe too much ham and chex mix). But the gist of it was that it was insane and wonderful to be together. After the initial night of craziness, we had a little system figured out and the end of the days would find us grown-ups on the couch, chillin', with a glass of wine and the tv and just a moment's peace.

God gives you family for lots of reasons. The main one is to make you a better person. They alternately annoy the fire out of you and love you. The best part is happening now, with all of us figuring out how to forge friendships with one another that go way beyond just being related. I miss them. I miss them all like crazy.


CK Lunchbox said...

I miss you all too kiddo.

Life with Kaishon said...

love this.

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