Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I haven't been blogging because I've been wondering a couple of things....

Number one. Vegetable Oil. I don't get it. Is it made from vegetables? Or are you supposed to cook vegetables in it? I thought oil is fat and I thought vegetables didn't have fat in them. I'm seriously confused by this and I hope that someone (MCP) can help me with this question.

Also. I bought this very thick comforter last year to use during the winter. I put it on two nights ago, turned the heat in the house way down, and had to get up and change it (ok, I made Robb get up and change it) because it was just too insanely hot. Last night, though, the house was warmer and I think I even forgot to turn down the heat. But when we went to bed, it felt cold and we threw the comforter on top of the other blankets. It was perfect. Slept like a baby. What's up with that?

I might have some other things going on, too, that are keeping me from blogging...I don't know...baking birthday cakes, working on church projects, getting ready for ladies group tonight, making more mosaics for the garden center open house this weekend, plumping my Etsy store and selling on ebay again to make Christmas money, laundry.....

UPDATE: later this same day: How did this ring get here? I found it half way down this branch. How long has it been there and who put a 24K gold ring on my rose bush????


Sadie said...

I never thought about the vegetable oil thing! All I know is, I like it.
I have to eat that Smart Balance butter stuff, becuase I have fatty blood, and I swear it tastes better than butter.
I know you are really interested in my butter substiute use, so I thought I would share. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Sadie... you weird weird girl!

klasieprof said...

and and and..what about the baby?????

ness said...


did I miss something?

ness said...

Sadie...i'm delighted that you entered in on the discussion. I wonder if I have fatty blood? I hope not because I think I rival Paula Dean for butter usage.

Matthew said...

"I'm seriously confused by this and I hope that someone (MCP) can help me with this question."

Heh! Cross my palm with silver, oh aspirant to knowledge, and I will see what I can do. ;-)

Vegetable oil just means it comes from a plant source rather than an animal source. Mature plants typically store energy as a carbohydrate (starch, sugar, etc) in their tissues; however, a number of plants store oils in their seed (canola) and/or fruit (olives) from which we get various kinds of vegetable oils. I think most generic vegetable oil is derived from soy beans.

Matthew said...

Everybody has fatty blood to some degree. The important things are just "how much" and "what is the lipid profile."

I think every adult should have their lipid profile checked every year of two to determine the triglyceride component, the LDL component, and the HDL component in addition to determining total cholesterol.

But then I'm just opinionated that way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your Type is
Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
Strength of the preferences %
89 25 12 11

You are:
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ness said...

Matthew...i fear things that are very possible....namely, that I have high cholesterol and can't eat any more butter. So I'm just going to have my red wine and hope it's all good.

H said...

Red wine.....great idea! Hey is that ring white gold or yellow? I'm worried that maybe one of our small group members might have accidently done that during our service project.

Sadie said...

Dear Jasmine
I am planning on bringing my butter substitute tonight so I can spread it on my AWESOME rosemary chicken sandwich. Just so you know.
And Matt,
Sadly, no. My fatty blood is the bad kind ratio fatty. It sucks.

Matthew said...


Work some tuna (and/or codliver oil), flaxseed meal, and olive oil into your diet on a regular basis, and you won't hear me complain (the total cholesterol number by itself is grossly over-rated anyway); otherwise, I'll subject you to the most severe guilt trip I can muster (I would START with "who'll look after Robb if you're not around?" and "is butter really more important than getting to see little Charleigh-eyed girl grow into a woman?" and then I'd really pull out the stops). Fear the Peltonian guilt trip, for all must fall before it's awesome negativity--MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

The thing is, heart disease is almost as prevalent among women as men, but it's rarely caught in time in women because nobody ever looks for it for some perverse reason.

All that said, I don't know that some butter (assuming it's under a pound a day ;-) ) in your diet is such a terrible thing. I honestly believe it's more healthy than margerine. IMHO, it's the hydrogenated/trans fats, excessive consumption of refined flour and sugar, lack of attention to the correct ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6fatty acids, and the inadequate consumption of soluble fiber that's killing everybody. This can be largely remedied by the steps I mentioned above.

Heh! How's this for the height of hypocrisy: have you ever had popoevers or pannakuken with butter and honey? Oh my gosh! It is pure, unadulterated evil and decadence. I keep thinking that I want to try cooking some popovers/pannakuken at the church to see if anybody would like it.

Matthew said...


Yeah, my ratios are natively pretty terrible too. I've been diagnosed with hyperlipoproteinemia Type IV, which basically means if I eat too much starch and sugar, my triglycerides go through the roof. I have to be careful in my diet because if I'm eating to keep my triglycerides under control (it's basically a low carb diet), it seems that my LDL level creeps up.

Smart Balance is good stuff. I actually like Take Control better, but it's gotten so expensive lately that I can't recommend it to anyone.

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