Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh help

If I don't get out of bed, will it all go away????

Tylenol? Calgon? Mommy?




wendy said...

there's nothing that some long john silver's can't fix.

i only wish i was kidding.

but seriously, if you need anything, i'm in town all week--let me know. i can atleast turn you so you don't get bed sores :)

H said...

I personally find a screwdriver (after 12:00 noon of course ah-hem) and several ibuprofen. This is after half a pot of coffee......I don't know there might be something wrong with my formula.....but I've spent years perfecting it.

Sadie said...

Me too!
I'm all hopped up on thera-flu and coffee and ibuprofen. I thought it was my weekend of drinking with my girlfriends, but no...I am dying of the flu.

ness said...

thanks you guys. I got up and it turned out to be okay. But that might be the pot of Blueberry Crumble Coffee talking.

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