Monday, October 20, 2008

Proud Mary

Is it just me or do you see Tina Turner here too?


wendy said...

I now have a sudden urge to put on a sequined mini dress.

also, apparently I'm lame and realized that my photos of those vintage dresses never emailed because I'm trying to do it from a cell phone. if you'd like, I can toss them in the car so you can even see if they're anything you're interested in listing in your store. we can talk price later I any pop at you!

ps the little word authenicate thing right now says grout.

wendy said...

toss the dresses in the car for Sunday, I mean.

now the word thing says gnqbp. no quite as poignant.

ness said...

Wendy, tee hee!

welcome to my long-standing game of blogger's Balderdash!
gnqbp...that's a tough one with no have to go with the acrostic: The GNQBP: General Non-Quilting Bun Poppers.

cool! I was bumming that I had missed out on them!

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