Friday, October 31, 2008

Like a Rich Man through the Eye of a Needle...

So also is squeezing a piano through my bedroom door.

It took me several days to figure out how to arrange the furniture with the new couch and tv-stand. It felt like I couldn't think or get anything done until I did. So after several attempts, I finally decided that the piano needed to go down the hall, around the corner and into our bedroom. Easier said than done:

I had to take the door off the laundry closet, unhook the dryer and push it into my room. Then I took the door off my room. And then the pushing started. And the measuring, straightening, and reapeatedly climbing over the top of the piano to pull for awhile before going back to pushing.

When I finally got it to the door, I realized that while the piano technically "fit" through the door, it tilts backward slightly. After much standing around looking at it, I propped it forward with a screwdriver, which got so stuck, I had to hit it with a hammer, which rammed into the hinges which caused sparks to fly!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, when I got it through the door and to the last part, there was nothing to hold on to to push. So picture me running at it like I was trying to break a door down...

I decided to take pictures just in case I died, so somebody could collect my Darwin Award.

And I'm so sore today, the only thing that could coax me off the couch is another pound of candy corn. That's right..I said another.


Matthew said...

Ummm...Ness--you can't (or rather "shouldn't properly") win a Darwin award if you already have offspring. It's probably just semantics, but Darwin awards should only be given to people for doing a lethally goofy thing and not passing on their genes to the next generation. I think the best you could presently do is "honorable mention." ;-)

klasieprof said...

Like...holy crap. Really. you are amazing.

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