Monday, September 29, 2008


Jerry Garcia

"Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us."

What do you think? Should we put this up on the wall at Vintage?


wendy said...

while I do love me some Jerry Garcia (or was it cherries garcia? Mmmm), I'm not sure about this quote. I like it, but it sort of gives a defeatist, angry at the world sort of feeling.
Just my two cents :)

Now back to my ice cream.

ness said...

I was only joking.

Sort of.

You got any more icecream? I could eat some icecream. I could eat a LOT of icecream.

wendy said...

do I have more ice cream? That's like asking is the sky blue.

My body is actually 39.7% ice cream (neopolitan, if you must know).

On a more serious note, we are going on a cruise starting this coming weekend. I can squeeze you in my luggage if necessary.

Heidi said...

Listen to Robb Bell's message from Sunday and you'll find the perfect quote...I nearly floated home. Now I'm looking for someone to make wall decals = )

I'll be praying for Vintage.

Ron said...

You might attract a good crowd of dead heads, but piss off the rest.

Is there a Ben & Jerry's Peyote & Pistachio?

ness said...

apparently, I'm not being clear here. I'm the pathetic one. Get it? Woefully inadquate.

Time to go eat some worms.

Matthew said...

Oh honestly, Vanessa, you wouldn't even recognize "hopelessly inadequate" if it bit you on the butt. ;-)

ness said...


you said "butt"

tee hee.

I'm feeling a little less bereft and inadequate today. Apparently laying floor tiles is good for my mental health.


Matthew said...

Oh for Pete's sake--like "heiny" or "keister" are just sooo much more prim and proper *eyes rolling* . ;-)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. :-)

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