Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm about three days behind...

Seriously, there are about four things I need to cry over and haven't had a chance, three things to have a nervous breakdown about just as soon as I have a minute and one or two things to rejoice over, which is probably creating the sensation of canceling the other two things out, leaving me pretty much just....tired.

And what is the remedy for this behindedness? um, going thrifting, obviously. You see, today I had planned to stay in my pajamas and have that good cry I deserve, but instead the doorbell rang and it was the world's friendliest (and chattiest) termite guy. Now I realize that it's not normal to be friendly with your termite guy, but, well, you just gotta meet him. As soon as I saw him, I realized that good a good cry was off the table, and I must needs go face the day with whatever grace I could muster.

Heretofore, I put on some lipstick and went to the thrift store, which had left me a message that they had two boxes of broken dishes for me. I took along one of my show pieces, knowing they would enjoy seeing it. When they saw the piece, they declared I simply must show at an upcoming craft fair held just around the corner from me in October....just had to make a call to get me an application....just had to run over to the hospital to pick it up...(this was the hospital auxiliary thrift store). At the hospital, I was met with a very professional lady who explained that they would need to see one of my pieces...."No problem, I have one in the car...." She declared it very pretty and that they would reserve a booth for me. Lit up with excitement and only a block away from another thrift store, I walked in, only to find a box of antique Barbie dolls. Now what's better than gambling on 1960s fashion dolls when you have no money and more work to do than is humanly possible? Heck yeah, I bought them! Barbie (or more precisely her friend Casey,) might just pay a bill this week.

At the end of the street, I wavered...go to another store or go home and do that laundry? Yup...I went to another store, where I bumped into the owner of the Heartwood Gallery...who explained they would like to do another show if I was interested? Probably in October? Why yes, yes I would...I already have the doors painted....why not? And at the front desk, I was handed a stack of broken dishes with this moniker....

Yeah, "the Broken Dish Lady" I guess that's me. I'm broke(n) and I dish.


bosqeaux said...

ah...."brokenness, brokenness is what i long for...brokenness is what i need....." tee-hee!

tammi said...

Ack. Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day.

Go with the old Baptist moniker....Don't cry, just stuff it down and forget about it.
Deep down.
And let it fester.

Er...maybe not.

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