Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back on Ebay after a 60 Day Hiatus.

So I've spent the last couple of days playing history detective...between a swiss watch with weird etching in the case and the box full o'Barbies...which actually aren't Barbies at all, but rather, some of Barbie's friends and 2 versions of her little sister, Skipper. And while Etsy is perfect to list my rather loverly pair of ceramic chickens, nothing beats Ebay for the uber-specific world of off-beat collectibles. I've just spent the last day photographing doll bums and squinting through a magnifying job is so weird.


klasieprof said...

hey listen...Fergit about yur job!! I have the PERFECT idea for you! (you know how it's always easier to tell others what they should do right???)....d.

12-arrows said...

I gotta hand it to you for keeping at the ebay selling. You definitely have a discipline for it. I try it for awhile then take a break. Its amazing all the little treasures you find, plus you do have a gift for the eclectic and putting a grouping together.

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