Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's been awhile since I've been to a garage's been too hot and I've been too busy and too poor to go. But yesterday I saw an estate sale sign, which I cannot turn down, no matter how poor I am. It was HIGH END goodies with some really phenomenal and EXPENSIVE antiques, but I (with all 3 kids) was able to cull some under-the-radar finds which included: 3 1930s yearbooks for a dollar each (these are highly collectible for historical research.) A broken antique purple china pitcher (what do I care that it's broken? CHOP CHOP!) A bakelite golf trophy for a buck....also weirdly collectible. A band of Brussels lace, a black silk mourning hankie, a pretty white linen hankie. A couple of interesting photographs, a black 1940s train-case, a wooden lazy susan to mosaic, and the best a bag of cheap pop-beads....a red bakelite bead necklace. Altogether, I spent $8.50. Projected profit: about 100 dollars. There are still treasures to be had!

Oh, and speaking of treasures.... last weekend, I scored these solid wood panel doors from the Boy Scout benefit sale for a dollar each....yeah, Baby! I plan to hinge them together and use that as the main display pieces for the art show.


tammi said...

LOVE the doors....I've seen people make kitchen tables, daybeds and other cool stuff out of old doors. I like to photograph people in front of cool doors....
it makes me happy. :)

Heidi said...

$1 p/door!!! I've been wanting to find doors to decorate with and they're always big $$. Great find and great idea = )

klasieprof said...

the coffee shop uses doors hinged together as room divider, plus they are the yarn shop so hang stuff on them as display.


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