Friday, August 08, 2008

fashion show

so I spent the better part of yesterday at my sewing machine or leaning over the table in an awkward angle that has my lower back in spasms this morning. But the good news is that all of Mattie's older clothes are hemmed, patched, re-buttoned, and otherwise in good stitchery. And a couple of my old shirts, which weren't black or white and therefore quickly became Not My Favorite, have been turned into tunic-shirt-dresses for Miss Muffett. I also tried my hand at a vintage pattern with vintage fabric (love that brainy argyle on her) and vintage notions to boot...but for pity sake, don't look too closely at the zipper...I never did get the hang of them in Home Ec, despite Mrs. Townsend making me put it in 4 times until I got it right on my gray straight skirt with box pleats and side zipper....seriously...what ever happened to a pillow????

The orange shirt, I cut off the bottom and made a piece to go into the deep V front. I added cotton eyelet lace and took in the side and armhole stitches. The purple one, I just took in the sides. Cheap and cute.

And then with all the money I saved, I was too tired to make supper and we ended up going out. AUGH. Two steps forward, one step back.


Sara said...

Nice work! You make me want to learn to sew!

ness said...

Makes me want to learn to sew too :}

tammi said...

At what point did you gasp and realize that YOU HAVE BECOME YOUR MOTHER.
Next thing to sew: underwear??

Did I ever tell you about the time my corduroy jumper ripped off my body when it was caught in a swing during 3rd grade recess?? My mother had made it of course, so after my total mortification and extreme embarrassment I blamed her for shoddy workmanship and vowed to never wear handmade clothes again.

I need to blog about that experience.

ness said...

ha ha ha....yes...I fear morphing completely into my mom. But here is the massive difference...Mattie thinks homemade stuff so cool and different from what everybody else has. Actually, the chances are quite good that Mattie will actually become my mom. ;)

Mini Me's Room said...

thats sweet!!! Man maybe I WILL get out my sewing machine?...on second thought,I think not

Mini Me's Room said...

oops... I meant to leave out the "man"

Anonymous said...

really cute,ness! I need to start Doras fall stuff soon...but right now, I'm doing the "mom-thing" by making butt-loads of jam! :)

Heidi said...

I keep coming back to this trying to figure out how you made those. Did I understand correctly that you took your old shirts and made these? How did you get them to fit so well? I know you're small, but you can't be 8 year old small... If I'd tried this I'd have to rip the whole shirt apart to resize it.

My mom used to make most of our clothes...unless they were hand-me-downs from my aunt. I realized after I got older why I hated it so much. Being indecisive my mom would usully suggest something based on what she thought was popular at the time. I don't know how many times I walked into school that first day wearing something that was close, but still a bit off, or not even close. Eventually I learned...DON'T take fashion advice from mom!

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