Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Weird and Wonderful World of Eureka Springs

If you've never been to Eureka, it would be hard for me to describe it to you in pictures, you can plainly see that it is all the frenetic insanity of an artistic community set inside the prim, Victorian frame of 19 century architecture. I never tire of the contrasts... gay tourist destination and Bible-thumping-fundamentalist attractions, chain stores and true vernacular art galleries, mountains and cavernous springs, writer's colony and monastery, haunted hotel and biker is truly unlike any other place on earth.

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Mini Me's Room said...

Was that the Beatles guy?

H said...

I'm glad you went..... and so sad that I didn't.

ness said...

HLK..."that Beatles Guy?" A hippie just died from that remark.


H, our turn is coming later...Mud Street Cafe wasn't even open.

Mini Me's Room said...

Sorry hippie guy who just died...oops

Mini Me's Room said...

I said "Is that THE BEATLES GUY?"

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