Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Do (and DONE)

(one day later....I accomplished some of it anyway!)

organize my spice cupboard and pantry

X wallpaper something...but I'm not telling you what

X paint 2 chairs

X throw out all my clothes except for 2 dresses, my favorite jeans and a black and white t-shirt ( I probably won't do this, but I wish I had the guts to do it)

attack my "to make" list for the art show

X list on etsy

gut the children's bedrooms so that they look like kid's rooms in decorating magazines (oh, wait....they never show children's rooms in decorating magazines unless they are only children or adopted by gay men....hmmmmm)

X bake some chocolate chip zuchini cookies...which Charleigh calls "Bikinis"

X read my chapters for bookclub....tonight.

X cut off my hair and start over.

orchestrate a new template for my blog, with matching business cards and signage

make a good sketch of my logo

X enjoy the wonder and rarity of a gray day in July.


Anonymous said...

OMGoddness... I am making chocolate chip zucchini bread today. WEIRD!
We are not going to be in town this weekend. SO we are not running away from Vintage ;) Even though you ragtags can be freaky. Just kidding.
We will see you all next weekend. Would you like to have Sunday after next food at my home?

Anonymous said...

and... I am pretty sure I meant Oh My Goodness... but I guess Goddness works too.

H said...

I know what you wall papered na na na na na na na!

carahinojosa said...

Can we please have some pics of the hair???

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