Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Part of Summer

When I was a kid, I often heard my mom say that she loved having us kids at home. I would hear her telling other grown ups that she wasn't really looking forward to school starting, that it was nice to have us there.

I've thought about that often at the beginning of summer since my kids became school-aged....you know...those first weeks when they bumble around saying their bored and asking what they should do. When all they seem to know is sitting around in front of the television and making messes and bickering with one another. When I want to find a hook and hang them on it. But then summer ripens up and becomes much sweeter. That's where we are now, and now I think I understood what my mom was feeling.

I love having my kids home right now. I love being here with them. We are contemplating a trip to the library today, and I will have to really push myself to go because I like home so much right now. (keep your jokes to yourself H). Now please understand, the house is a DISASTER. Their rooms are total chaos. There are forty two flies in the house and they haven't even started running back and forth to the next door neighbor's house for the day. But what I love is that they've gotten the hang of owning their days. I don't have to tell them what to do....they just wake up with ideas and games and projects in their little heads. I might lasso them into a chore or two, but for the most part, the days are theirs to command. They are currently making a pile as big as they can on Vin's bed out of pillows and blankets, which will lead to jumping soon. There will be massive leggo creations and much paper flying with Mattie's fashion drawings. And Charleigh's make-believe is better than tv to watch (furtively, behind the edge of the door, of course). They'll take a dip in the pool, coming up with new games and new skills...Charleigh took her first few real swimming strokes yesterday. They watch a few shows on tv, but only until I am awake enough to tell them to turn it off. They take turns on the computer, playing games on Lego dot com and PBS kids. They read. Vin listens to The Chronicles of Narnia on CD almost every day. I like them. I think they are cool kids.

Only 19 more days to hang with them. Bummer.

I am busy. They are busy. We are like little bees in our hive. And I love having them here.


kate said...

Vanessa, Vanessa,
I can't find your number or e-mail, and phone book # is disconnected. Call me 636-9296 or e-mail.

klasieprof said...

Vanessa Vanessa....Denise called and said your my space has been taken off her site and she is VERY sad, wondered if you wer mad at her bleh bleh...so please contact her.

Me...just leave me alone. lol


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