Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some product pictures that I like

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Ron said...

I love the fan... is that Goober Glass?

ness said...

the fan belongs to my good friend Don, and I am listing it soon. It is a cool one, albeit as loud as a jet!

Goofus. Goofus Glass. Yup! You Goober : )

Mini Me's Room said...

Oh my! what scary eyes you have,Grammy doll!
Seriously, It creeps me out

klasieprof said...

I just keep waiting for that doll's head to start spinning around and around.

How much for that urchin in the last picture with the Apron on? I might be interested before you list her.

Anonymous said...



H said...

I'm glad someone else was creeped out by that doll. I think it may be a chucky-doll collectors item.

Heidi said...

Love the pics = ) The apron one is too cute!

I have pics to do tomorrow and that should be the last step. Its taken me way too long to do this!

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