Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Something for the Pastry Chef in my Life....

fail owned pwned pictures
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klasieprof said...

WTF? What was it supposed to say...Other than THAT we will miss you? say WHAT????

How'd the oatmeal come out???

heh heh...middle one had been blogging and I I had to cut and paste to post this so it would be under my name not hers...heh heh

ness said...

I do believe you would appreciate fail blog dot it and enjoy.

I believe the cake was meant to say
"Best wishes, suzanne"
"We will miss you."

WITHOUT the directional adverbial clause.

But I guess some people just do as they are Bedelia.

Anonymous said...

that's why I write very slowly on cakes! LOL
I've seen some real doozies in my day but that's a good one!! -court

H said...

I think someone had too many margaritas, decorated the cake and maybe thought it was "neat" that the lady was leaving... or something like that.... I've had too many margaritas.

klasieprof said...

H- I simply do NOT understand...what does .."TOO MANY" mean...there is not such a thing ??? What?
My GF in Scarolina buys these things for Margaritas she makes in a bucket..we...start about 10 cause its so hot in the mornings there...and work our way through scorching afternoons...into the the hot tub at night...
Never too many.....not ENOUGH..yeah...not that!

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