Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Neither Here nor There

I haven't been able to pull together any thoughts to post here...I suppose that is because we are in one of those funny spots in life when things are on the verge of changing...just three more days of school...augh!

Summer will be fun and different. I need to sit down and decide which of the four million camps, classes and sports would be a good fit for the kids this year. And thank goodness for the pool. I know money doesn't buy happiness, but 200 bucks buys something very much like it.

I have about five ideas for mosaic projects, 3 home projects I want to sew and eleven-teen other ideas for the Etsy store. That has taken up a lot of my time...probably because every time I click on it, I must obsessively check to see how many people "heart me." (that means they like my junk.) This extremely addicting. And it wastes a lot of time.

My parents will be here in just a week and I am alternating between Christmas-like-anticipation and full-on nervous breakdown. Obviously, my parents will be looking at my baseboards to check their cleanliness and will be disappointed with me as a daughter if under the kitchen sink is all crazy-like. I want to steam clean the carpets, wash all the windows, bleach the shower stalls, organize the garage, and have everything in apple-pie order before they come. And sadly, I don't really want to.

But seriously, folks, it is raining. I forget that the Ozarks draw you out with a lovely spring and then it rains for the entire month of May. My yard is a soupy, green jungle.

Wildlife. Oh yeah...it's a veritable wild kingdom here. I have replaced a fallen mourning dove fledgling TWICE to it's flimsy nest. I now know that mourning doves make truly lousy nests. I read that you can often see their eggs through the twigs in the bottom and that they hatch out about six sets of young per year. They've got a real Trailer Trash kinda thing going on.

We are also entertaining ants. I hate them and I squash them and spray them and otherwise wrench the life from their little bodies whenever I see them...which is often. But a full scale assault is coming as soon as the rain lets up. For now, I am allowing two spiders to work a couple of the corners in the kitchen and living room. Normally, the spiders would be dispatched post-haste, but when I noticed the ant body-count under their webs, I realized they are on my side.

Also in the living things category, our neighbor's puppy wandered into the street the other day just as a storm was brewing up. They were not home, so we babysat Tiny for a few hours, which I will not lie...really left me a baby yen. The fact that this little guy is the size of a grapefruit, slept on my lap for an hour, awakened with a case of hiccups, and did not pee in my house...well, he had me wrapped around his little itty bitty wittle paws.

140. I stepped on the scale today and that is the number that assaulted my eyeballs. I am like FOR REAL giving up home-made ice-cream, chocolate chip cookies, that second burger and for darn certain that second beer...you know, just that stuff I ate last night. There is a reason the words "fat" and "happy" go together so well.

I think I have poison ivy in my belly button and my nose. I'm not kidding.

Also, sometime during this weekend, we helped a friend move, Robb did a wedding, we did a premarital counseling session with another couple, we continued to shop for a mini-van, I "taught" the kid's at Vintage, Charleigh got a tent, we all swam in the pool yesterday, I made one of my decoupage suit-cases, I cut Robb and Charleigh's hair, we had a BBQ with our small group, and I hit a really fantastic estate sale. But not in that order.


Ron said...

sounds busy, but mostly good. If you want a safe and cheap way to get rid of ants try orange peel oil (Lowes, or any organic store). The kids can bath in it and it destroys the entire nest whereas chemicals just kill the surface ants and the nest moves... it works on all ants even the fire ones. The acid in the orange peels burns through their bodies pretty quickly so it's humane as well. For what it's worth...

akr said...

Yep...I get the clean the house from top to bottom syndrome too. I then find out I don't have the energy for it all in time for them to come. As for the ants, we use terro...it works great!

Our animals have been chipmunks, squirrels, snapping turtles, and we are hoping no more bats.

Matthew said...

Our family has always used Borax and/or boric acid for ants.

For a bit of truly esoteric trivia, Borax and boric acid also make a fast and most excellent running buffer for the electrophoretic separation of DNA fragments, if you should ever feel like dabbling in molecular biology in your spare time (I would not recommend trying to make a career out of it, though...at least not around here).

Jae said...

Love the suitcase! I have about 49 decoupaged (sp?) empty wine bottles cluttering up this house ... I need a more utilitarian canvas. thanks for the great idea!

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