Monday, May 19, 2008

Matthew Mcconaughey's Got Nothing on my Husband

I was in the grocery store when I saw a magazine headline about Matthew Mcconaughey's gushing over being a dad. I squinted at the pic on the cover thinking, That doesn't look like Penelope Cruz...isn't that who he's "with"?

Nope, it was some other chica I'd never heard of. And I honestly thought...
so what? Any moron can knock somebody up. That doesn't make you a DAD.

So yesterday, I looked out the window where splashing and screaming ensued. Robb had just mowed the lawn and was -he thought- sufficiently warm enough to brave the nearly iced-over pool with the kids.

Now THAT is a dad. A man who is sufficiently confident of his character to attempt to make just one woman on earth happy. And not necessarily the pretties or best woman, but the one he chooses to bind himself to no matter what. A man who gets up every day and tries to make a dent in the world for good. A man who is strong enough, and brave enough, and good enough to be the center of the universe for four people who trust him with their whole hearts. A man who provides them with safety and love and joy and HOME to the best of his ability, not always because he wants to, but because it is the thing God has asked him to do.

Matthew Mcconaughey is a wimp and a poser. My husband is the sexiest man on earth.

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tammi said...

true 'dat.

great post. :)

A said...

That's great and all, but we'd prefer if he keeps his shirt on . . . =)

H said...

Good reminder.

Real men rock!

Robb said...

I'm too sexy for my shirt ...

12-arrows said...

Oh My Gosh that was just awesome! What a pre-Fathers Day tribute! I have often thought of the celebrities who think they are great husbands and dads, as they really have no clue; with nannies, chefs, maids, etc they are living in a false sense of reality.

I love the way you share your heart. I always find myself nodding yes, or shouting yes, you are so right!

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