Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i gotta have u


Matthew said...

Quirky. ;-)

The Weepies, eh?

I'll see your "i gotta have u" and raise you an "Across the Universe"

and an "Existential Blues".

Don't make me pull out a can of Tim Minchin. I will totally do it. ;-)

ness said...

U are a funny one MCP.

ness said...

Charleigh's comment:

"I don't get it, Mommy."

Matthew said...

"U are a funny one MCP."

I have to be. If I weren't laughing at myself (and pretty much everything that crosses my path) all the time, I'd be crying, and--let's face it--crying all the time is boring and tedious, and nobody likes to be thought of as being boring and tedious... especially if it happens to be true. ;-)

Oh well, here's that can of Tim Minchin I threatened you with. It's entitled Darkside . It happens to be the perfect antidote to goths, emos, whiners, and morbid cretins such as myself.

Also, it thoroughly mocks Pearl Jam (not that they're bad, or anything, but they are a bit pretentious), and anything that mocks Pearl Jam is utterly worthy of being spread around.

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