Monday, May 12, 2008

Bedroom Redoux


For the last few months, my bedroom has been a place of dispair. Conjecture all you want, but I will confess that much of that had to do with my dog's incontinence. I am ashamed to admit it, but those little leaky spots under her didn't ripen well when the first wave of humid weather struck. I knew all along that it was nasty under there, but like all large problems in my life, my first reaction was to ignore and deny it as long as humanly possible. Then came the bargaining...trying to talk hubby into buying new floor for this rental house. Depression was there from before. Ditto on anger. I moved on to contemplating just calling my landlord and confessing and begging for flooring. And then I had a brillian idea. I told my husband my brilliant idea and he said, "Yeah, I suggested that back when you were bargaining for new floor." So we replaced just the padding. No more stinky and awful. No more dispair. And since we had to move all the furniture anyway, it was great to be able to freshen up the decor, making my bedroom one of the happiest placest on earth.

Oh yeah, I said it!
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