Thursday, April 17, 2008

Basking in the Glow of Charleigh

I have crushes on all my children. My heart literally skips a beat at them. My firstborn is as a wholesome as a home-cooked meal. And my second born was created in urgency and remains there to this day. But this little brown baby that came to us one day by phone-call, she is a surprise package. With your biological children, you thrill or growl at yourself in them. You have moments when you know what they are thinking by virtue of the fact that their very material is the same as yours. But with this child, you feel adventure and wonder every day. If you ever wonder if you could love an adopted child like you would a biological one, the answer is you won't. You'll love them in a completely wondrous and different way. It is like falling in love. This Charleigh-Brown-Eyed-Girl of mine, spills giggles and beams of light on everything. From her muddy "PUT-Prints" to her pouty lips when big sister won't share the "Woman Woman" (that Wonder Woman for you mere mortals) from her watering flowers singing "Here Comes the Sun" to her explanation about her Possibilities (or responsibilities for us less positive people), from her cheerful, "I can handle it Mom!", to her sage, "That stuffed amimal has issues", from "comfuters" to "Oky Dokey, Cauliflower!" yes, it's love.


Heidi said...

If anyone had the slightest inclination to adopt, reading your posts would push them over the edge. Don't do this to me NOW! I've got an extra dose of the mothering instinct these days ;-)

tammi said...

Hey, I wanted to ask you a couple questions about adoption and foster care and the like....emailed my sister for YOUR email, but she never got back with me (the slacker).
Can you send me your email so I can ask ya questions?? Please, please, my knowledgeable cyber-friend? :)
Mine is: lifecaptured at yahoo dot com

akr said...

so precious!

H said...

She made us all fall in love with her.

ness said...
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