Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What did you do today?


watched Good Morning America, where it always amuses me when Chris Cuomo breaks into the show with a "ABC SPECIAL REPORT."

checked my blogreader in vain for a Pioneer Woman post

ate some yogurt.

partially mosaic-ed a solid wood cigar box and lined it with wallpaper

put on my holey jeans with the flannel shirt Robb bought me the first Christmas we were dating/not dating/just friends/making out

went outside and opened the garage door and stood there looking at the mess for a long, long time.

aimlessly moved things around in the garage.

Went to my room and moved the bed. Because I'm just that random.

Found an In Style magazine under my bed and proceeded to thumb though it until I found some pictures I liked.

Went back to look at my mosaic box.

checked ebay. Okay, I checked ebay between every one of those other things listed above.

Checked my blog reader again and saw the post from Curious Sofa Diaries, which got me all inspired and made me decide to just make things pretty.

Moved everything around in the back yard. Raked. Mowed. Painted. Swept. Mulched. Yelled at the dogs behind the fence. Changed the lightbulb that had shattered in the backyard fixture last fall. Fixed the screen door ...again.

Made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for chuck and a giant, thick, mouthwatering meatloaf sandwich for myself. Made friends with the dogs behind the fence by throwing them my crusts.

Put Chuck down for a nap.

Changed into a t-shirt.

Got the mail.

Checked ebay. Sold two items.

Puttered around the garage. Moved boxes. Raked flower bed. Dragged dead Christmas tree from the backyard to the curb. Moved the box of rice....the Two and half year old box of rice from our first fall at Vintage. Not sure what to do with that box of rice. Shuffled boxes for the garage sale, but too tired to delve into them. Fixed bikes and bike chains and training wheels and handlebars. Nailed the missing slat back onto the fake porch. Sawed a branch out of the tree in the back yard. Raked the flower beds.

Checked ebay.

By that time, I was very tired. So I ate three tablespoons of icing left over from Sammy's cake, chatted with Robb online, welcomed the kids home, messed around in the garage more, emptied the chest freezer and unplugged it, did two loads of laundry, made my bed, vacuumed, put away a couple of stacks of books, picked up the plastic dinosaur for the fifteenth time from the middle of the hallway, swept the floor and greeted hubby. Then we made turkey brats for supper and now, here I sit.

It feels like I got absolutely NOTHING accomplished. Where did the day go?


H said...

I thought my day was productive, right up until I read what you did today. I AM A LAZY BUM!!!!

Sandy said...

I am lazy on my own and tired just reading about your day!

and the word verification made me laugh - mudpie

tammi said...

holy crap! you did more in one day than i even consider doing in 3.
You deserve a massage for all that puttering.

gerbmom said...

Pioneer Woman rocks. She better have a new post today or I will sink to the depths of despair....

As for your accomplishments - wow. I did two loads of laundry, made up one bed and swept the kitchen floor before giving in to the comfy couch cushions and the first episode of Beauty and the Geek that I tivo'd. :)

Heidi said...

wow...i think about doing as much as you did and i need to take a nap.

as for the old rice, instead of eating it, you could make rice heat packs.

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