Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm not can't make me

Found this the other day while out hitting the thrift stores and I just love it. It is just a little bigger than my phone. It's a put your change in the top drawer and there is an opening in the back. But I'm not selling it because I thinks it's adorable and it's red and it's furniture! What could be better?
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H said...

You got it opened!!!

Heidi said...

I've got a vague memory of the same thing but in I had one when I was really young and played with it a little too hard. its just on the tip of my brain.

i wouldn't sell it either!

Mini Me's Room said...

Oh...That is SO cute!!!

Ron said...

I thought it was a real dresser... when you said "bank," I thought, "Wow! that's huge!"

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