Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Again

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Well, I was home again from church yesterday. Chucky woke up coughing so hard, she couldn't breath. It's like a tickle in her throat that just seems to torture her. So I set up her breathing treatment stuff from the old asthma/pneumonia days and she seemed to improve quite a bit. Nicely tucked into Mommy's bed, she watched cartoons for awhile and then felt well enough to get up and play. She is also finally eating again. I made homemade pizza on Saturday, which she ate almost a whole slice of. That was the first whole thing she had eaten in a week. It's a relief to see her doing better.

With free time on my hands, I ended up having a pretty great mosaic day. I spent most of the day on the shell mirror, which was my first time working extensively with shells. I still have quite a bit of finishing work to do on this, but I think the overall effect is pretty great. It is insanely hard to photograph a mirror, but this was good practice. I also put the finishing touches on the cigar box and the folding table. I had just the right china for these silver platters with a little left over for a hand mirror I'll be doing soon. Lastly, I re-grouted this mailbox, which was one of my first projects, and my lack of grouting skills was annoying to me. I also spent some time researching on Etsty dot com and would be thrilled to hear from anyone who has experience if you are able to actually make any money there since Ebay is not a great venue for handcrafted items.

We capped off our busy day with a "home date." This is a great cheap way to have a date...put the kids to bed, pop some frozen grocery store appetizers in the oven and watch a good movie.

I fell asleep quickly and dreamed I hugged the President. I imagine he could use a hug.

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Heidi said...

All I know about having an etsy shop is what I've read from other people, but I'm seriously considering having one of my own. I'll be interested in what you decide and find out. As far as mosaics go I'll think you'd do well...there don't seem to be as many people selling their stuff...not like that thousands of bars of soap for sale = )

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