Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whole Pill Days

I was feeling so good for a while there, that I actually cut back on my anti-anxiety medication to a half a pill....that's right...they don't make a dose any smaller than the whole pill I was taking, so I cut it in half. This seemed to be working pretty well until the whole strep throat epidemic hit last week, and suddenly, I was back to taking a whole pill....mostly because I was too dang tired to stand there and cut the pill in half. And right up until yesterday morning, when a cockroach crawled on my hand while I was pouring my coffee...oh yeah, you read that right...I was taking a whole pill. (And no...my kitchen isn't that dirty...I had just disinfected everything we owned on Saturday...and yes, A you were right...there are more of them than I thought...Raid has been purchased....)

So anyway...forgive me...I'm still pre-coffee today...I shall heretofore categorize my days as half pill days or whole pill days. This, I sincerely hope, is a half pill. Yesterday I spent the day organizing my desk and craft closet after I made two dog beds for Sid and a poodle skirt for Mattie's 50's theme school program tonight. My darling husband let me sleep in and took care of getting the kids off to school and setting Charleigh up with Sesame Street until I could face the world. That was so restorative after days and days and days of the thought "You gotta do it all today" catapulting me out of bed.

I really didn't mind taking care of hubby last week because he was actually sick. It's only annoying to take care of a sick hubby who is not sick enough to merit complaining. He was so sick, he couldn't complain. Apparently, there is some invisible threshold in my mind of when somebody merits coddling.

Vin complained of not feeling well last night, but I am proud to say that I was right...it was not the dreaded Strep that had him bellyaching, but rather an aversion to salad for dinner. He woke up perky as always.

So there's a little update. I'm still a little too foggy to think of anything interesting to say. I've been reading all your blogs, though and hoping you are doing well this bright, sunny morning.


H said...

The whole pill day... oh yeah, I so get it.

Sandy said...

My grandson, who is sick, just learned to swallow pills! This is such a milestone. He has always hated the taste of chewables and is much better about taking his medication now!

gerbmom said...

Um - it's not just you. This last week was a two pill week. And, no, I didn't do it. But I was soooooooo tempted....

tammi said...

Glad to know I'm not the only wife who looks at her hubby with a sideways glance and a "get over it" glare when he's "sick". I too, am not easily impressed by illness and have to see some tangible EVIDENCE of true illness to feel compassion and even remotely like babying.
Looks like he earned some babying for sure. :)

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