Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's Yeild

Whoo Hoo! Sale season is here again along with the bird's singing and the dandelions in my yard. Yesterday I saw crocuses, today I saw sale ads. Here's a shot of what followed me home today.


12-arrows said...

looks like you got yourself some great items for EBAY! You have a real knack for finding things that people will want. Way to go! gosh I wish we had flowers shooting up but it will be another month before that happens here! UGH! I guess I just have to be thankful we've had some sunshine the past few days and the daylight comes earlier and lasts a little longer!

Heidi said...

Sweet find! Especially the vintage patterns...

tammi said...

I'm totally digging the teapot.
Awesome....I' envisioning little girls sitting under ivy covered trees on a hazy evening having a teaparty at sunset...beautiful!

Amy said...

Is that a huge teacup or am I seeing things? I hardly ever find stuff like that at sales and when I do, never for prices that are reasonable; reasonable to me, anyway.

We hit a school rummage sale this weekend and bought some "designer" (which, for me, means namebrand) clothes. That's the only way I can get them. :0) Oh yeah, and a new kitchen gadget. I'm a kitchen gadget junkie so that alone made my whole weekend.

Wish we lived closer; i LoVE sales but hubby and kids hate it. I find it relaxing to "rummage".

There is this huge garage sale once a year around here. People in every city for miles around line up their junk out on the parking lots of businesses for miles along some main I hear. I cannot remember when it is--I'll have to let you know. I'm thinking you don't live too far from here to come to a kickbutt, somewhat statewide, garage sale. Where do you normally enter Tennessee from Arkansas? Are you closer to the Mississippi line perhaps?

Am I rambling? What time is it?

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