Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stranger than Fiction

Last Friday morning, I was sitting in my pajamas, starting my day where I normally do...on my computer with GMA on. The doorbell rang and a teenaged boy was outside. Since I wasn't really dressed, I poked just my face around the door.
"Miss? Could you drive me to school?" I did not know or recognize this boy, who I quickly surmised to be about 14 or 15, and my height.
"Do I know you?" I asked incredulously.
"I'm Roger's friend, from next door. He was supposed to give me a ride, but they are gone."
So five minutes later, I was driving the very shy Miguel to Mary Francis George Junior High school, 1/4 of a mile away. It was a biting cold day and he was not warmly dressed. I got him to class five minutes before the day began. I'd never seen him before and I've not seen him since!

Yesterday, I welcomed Jennifer Haile and her cameraman, John, into my living-room for an interview. They are doing a news story on the use of corporal punishment since there is a bill that has come up in Massachusetts banning spanking. It was about a half-hour interview and they will be contacting me to let me know when the story will air on the evening news. I cut and dyed my hair and wore my U2 shirt to make it very clear that I did not want to be dismissed as if I wear long denim skirts, homeschool my kids and take orders from my husband. I do, on the other hand, believe it is my religious right to judiciously employ spanking as a means of bringing up my children.

Today is garbage day and it is very windy. I heard the truck run early this morning after the kids had left for school. But when Robb came home for lunch, our garbage can was no-where to be found. We looked 1/4 a mile in each direction and there is no sign of it anywhere.

Never a dull moment!!!


tammi said...

Never a dull moment indeed.
We live in a parallel universe, you and I.
A fact I claim only because just this morning I discovered after exiting the shower that the dog had chewed up my only remaining clean bra, the kids had let the dog out the front door and I had to chase him around the yard in shorts and a towel (just as the mailman pulled up) and right as I was about to walk out the door the baby puked in my hair.

Too bad we don't live closer, cuz I should like to be your friend.

Sandy said...

Maybe your trash can is with Melissa's hobo shopping carts...lol.

Jess said...

I love that you cut your hair and wore your U2 shirt. Awesome.

ness said...

tammi...i've thought that for a long time : )

I have spent my fair share of time chasing a stupid *^@&*%& dog around the neighborhood in my skivvies. I've adopted a new technique. When Sid bolts out the door, I walk back inside, grab a jar of peanut butter or a slice of deli meat and then go call her. she figured it out fast...a lick of peanut butter on her nose is worth two cats in the bush.

Sometimes I don't give it to her if I'm really mad : )

yes...the garbage can has gone to oblivion apparently....how bizzare!

akr said...

I have had the missing garbage can moment...I wonder of they rebel after having such a stinky job and seriously run away to a garbage can resort and spa.

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