Thursday, January 24, 2008

Playing with styles


So here are my two latest mosacis. I am beginning to have a feel for creating a style with them and that has been fun for me. The tray is the first (and only) one I've done that I wouldn't change anything about. I wanted a very modern feel as oppossed to the super-sweet, shabby chic look of most mosaics now. And I think it turned out exactly as I hoped.

The mailbox is made from the smallest leftovers I had. I wanted it to feel like finding pretty shards in the dirt and I think it turned out great. It is not too sweet, but feels like a treasure to me.

I guess doing these has really helped my confidence. I went around to all the local thrift stores yesterday and asked them to save me any of the broken dishes they would normally throw away. When they asked why I would want them, I was able to say (with a lot of bravado) "I am a mosaic artist."
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ae said...

I'm in LOVE with that tray. Between you and your mom, I'm becoming very intrigued by this mosaic stuff.

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