Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Robb is taking down the tree, but I can't watch...it makes me too sad. So here I am with iPod cranked up in my ears, resolving:

to do yoga at least once a month.
to stop eating cookies for breakfast (at least not everyday)
to read more books (thank you writer's strike)
to embrace my creative notions
to teach Mattie as much as she wants to know about cooking and sewing
to teach Vinny the four guitar chords I know
to dance with Charleigh in the kitchen as often as possible
to tell my husband I love him and I am happy every time it pops into my head
to rush to obey when God whispers to me
to show grace whenever I can and some of the times I'm sure I can't.

to just live and not fret much over what isn't

Got any resolutions?


H said...

to gain back some of the confidence I once took for granted.

Matthew said...


I made a New Year's resolution back in 1995 or 1996 not to make any more New Year's resolution.

It's the only resolution I've ever kept. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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