Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why do I still have that?

When I was a kid, we had these snowflake window clings that we always put up. Some of the points on the snowflakes were so pointy, when you tried to take them off, they would cut into your finger under the nail...ouchy!

But this Christmas, like I have for more than 10 years, I put my set of plastic snowflake window clings up on my windows and even my mirrors. I had a few extra that I found Charleigh practicing her scissor skills on, which caused me to ask (loudly) "Why would you do that?" But the answer is obvious. She had scissors. And they can cut things. It's just a matter of figuring out what they will cut. And the snowflake window clings were on the "can be cut" list.

My annoyance got me thinking. Because you see, these window clings that I have had for over 10 years, that I held on to because they were just like the ones we had when I was a kid, came from somewhere. Namely, a college care package from a boy I went to elementary and high school with. Who had a crush on me. An unrequited crush. Which caused his mother to whisper in my ear at my wedding, "I still wish you had married my son." She embraced me so warmly that our photographer was led to believe she was a close friend, and he took a picture at that exact moment. That strange moment was captured on film for all time.

I have a number of odd items in my home with similarly odd stories attached to them. I am an extremely sentimental decorator and could never just buy my decor from Walmart for that very reason. If there is no story, I just can't get "into" it. But some of it is just weird. Like the window clings.

Which leads me to I alone in this oddity? Do you have things in your house with quirky back-stories? Like for instance, a pair of socks that belonged to your high-school boyfriend's deceased grandfather? Just an crazy example...except that they are black and I never seem to have enough black socks so I just kept them.

Please tell me I'm not alone.



Okay,so I'm wondering who the boy was from elementary.....???
You're not alone. I have this alcohol decanter from the 20's with this ugly rubber monkey hanging from it, sitting on top of my fridge. It doesn't really go with my kitchen, but I remebmer my grandma having it on her fridge, and my mom remembers it on her grandma's fridge. It is UUUGGGLY, but I can't rid my house of it. There are a ton of weird things that I cling to for memories of old friends and events, too. Not just family.

H said...

I still have the small (extremely cheap) jewelry box that was given to me (by Santa) at my father's Christmas party when he was the judge of a very small town. The party must have been there biggest event and they made a huge deal over it. That jewelry box meant so much to me that it stills hangs around, with glass broken out of it, and I cannot throw it away.

Ron said...

you had a boyfriend in High School...? Really?

Matthew said...

Hah! About 75% of the junk in our house has a story or sentimental attachment of some sort. All this does is make it really hard to throw away things that desperately need to be thrown away.

We can't actually find anything any more, and I've actually been accused of throwing away things that I haven't actually thrown away (yet!).

Sentimentality is a terrible, terrible least for some of us.

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