Monday, December 31, 2007

Mixed Media Found Object Collage Art

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I've been saving stuff like this ever since I can remember and in recent months, I've begun to research this budding branch of crafting and artwork. I'm looking forward to switching from supplying artists with this goofy stuff via ebay to actually trying my hand at being creative myself. Then maybe I will have a good excuse for keeping all my interesting doo-dabs.

And if you happen to have anything that you don't want to throw away but want to get rid of like:

broken dishes
broken mirrors
broken dolls
broken jewelry bits
foreign coins
cancelled stamps
bottle caps
or other interesting junk

I'm interested!

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Heidi said...

have you ever been to people sell their handcrafted stuff...and there's a ton of it! I like to go there for soap making inspiration. I looked up mixed media and found this:
nice, but a little out of my price range = )
also, do you need any old books? i have a few boxes i'd like to get rid of.

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