Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My daughter is hilarious:

Mattie said that she was getting tired of reading and asked if she could write something instead. She asked me for a topic, and me being a few brain cells short at the time, suggested "What I would buy on Ebay." Here is her composition, spelling and all...

" There is a lot of wase of buying things, one is Ebay. It ushaly has old stuf. There is a few things I would buy from Ebay.

One is some old dolls. I think old dolls are pretter.
Two is a ralaksotiser. Not because i am fat, because there funny.
Three is a collection of old dishes. Old dishes are so pretty.
Four is old and famous picuars. They look reel and they have a little creatuvenis.
Five is old clothes. The dresses are glamoris!
Now you now some of the things I'd buy from ebay.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh, Mom?


Matthew said...

A chip off the old block, even. :-)

So, Ness, are you doing alright?

carahinojosa said...

That is so great--I hope you keep it to show her when she is older!

Mom Mattocks said...

What a scream! That definitely sounds like someone I know and someone I am related to. Is is Karma or genetic. Hmmmmm.....nurture or nature? She'll probably have her own twist to the possibilities of what she'll actually collect and what she'll do with stuff after she obtains it. It's going to be fun to watch, no matter what.

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