Friday, November 23, 2007

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out

I think we have found a new Thanksgiving tradition! We spent a great day with friends yesterday and got up early this morning to hit the sales at 4:00 a.m. We successfully knocked out all the shopping! (with a big thanks to Daisy for staying with the kids!) By noon, we were home and I popped a little turkey in the oven and took a nap. We finished watching the Arkansas game and then settled in for another big, wonderful feast. Yeah, this could be our new tradition. It was a perfect way to celebrate!
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12-arrows said...

wow, that looks so yummy! Glad you enjoyed your morning out shopping. I decided not to go and am glad too, Victoria and I both got sick and she was up most of the night fussing, finally went to be about 5am!

Hannah said...

nobody likes an overachiever......this may be the lack of sleep talking.

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