Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Sneak Peek

We are hard at work today on Halloween costumes. Here's a sneak peak of Charleigh's choice...which she thought up all by herself...(bless her heart, that is the hardest part!)

.90 cents for used red sleeper pajamas
3.00 ribbon
.99 cents red and black felt
1.47 red gloves
.97 red stocking cap

(and I quote) one cute "Clifford Big BIG Dog"


12-arrows said...

cute just plain old cute! I love it when they think of their costumes on their own. I am not creative at all in the costume thinking department, so its always a stress for me. We are hoping for a rainless night. . . that would be something too here in MI!

Candice said...

My husband was soooo impressed with your cute description Sunday of making this outfit.
You are so cool!
Love ya!

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