Saturday, October 13, 2007



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While doing some yard work yesterday, I found this flower pot in a remote part of the yard, which was weird. So I flipped it over to pick it up and promptly dropped it again when caught sight of the Black Widow inside. You can see she had a pretty nice set up with her giant freeky egg sacks. I worked up the courage to photograph her, and even thought she might be dead. It was only when I poked at her with some sticks that she uncurled her legs, revealing her true size of about a fifty cent piece. I did not kill her at the time, because as I told my friend, "If I start killing my own bugs, what DO I have a husband for?"

By the time Robb came home, however, she had taken the largest egg sack and headed for parts unknown. Which of course, caused me to lie awake for about an hour thinking completely incoherent thoughts of terror for my babies who could die of that spider's bite. It was not until I devised a "rational" guess of where she had gone (which did not include the front yard where every kid in the neighborhood runs barefoot) that I could relax and go back to sleep.

From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggetty beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us.


12-arrows said...

when we lived in Colorado we caught a huge spider, about the size of a half/dollar on the steps in our home. The kids put it in a jar because it was the biggest "house" spider we had ever seen. Later in the week, we caught, no joke, a spider the size of a tarantula in the very same area! Everyone was freaked out to sleep or even lay on the carpet! Who would have thought that moving to a new ministry we would also have to fend off bugs, spiders and amazing snakes, in the states, no less?

ness said...

If a snake made its way into my yard, I would have to go into the fetal position and have hypnosis therapy for the rest of my life.

I'm trying to get used to the idea of the spiders (Brown Recluse, Black Widows, Orb, Wolf and Grass Spiders) around here, but it does take a couple of weeks of nightmares and hearing the "locals" tell me not to worry so much.


Sandy said...

Ooh, I do not like spiders, no, not at all! Better you than me!

Mini Me's Room said...

just hearing about it makes me freaked!!!!!

tammi said...

i would've wet my pants.

and pulled all my kids into a closet and sucked my thumb.

i do NOT do spiders.


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